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Insure the box car insurance is breaking ground when it comes to new concepts for insurance costs. In order to provide the truest cost for UK drivers, insure the box has broken barriers on their way to car insurance fees. Simply put, a small device is mounted to your car which is slightly larger than a mobile phone. This device is known as a telematics device and it is gps-enabled. The device is able to measure how the car is driven and the distance it has traveled. For example, instead of a young driver being charged a monthly premium based on past historical data for the young person demographic, the telematics device monitors the mileage and calculates an insurance cost. Initially, a specific number of miles are purchased. The lower the number of miles driven off the initial purchase; the lower the insurance cost. When all the miles are used, it is time to top-up, just like a mobile phone. The process is also favorable in that the miles roll over year after year.

It is possible to be rewarded with bonus miles. The data from the telematics device is sent to your personalized web page. You can view this web page at any time. The data which you will receive onto your web page will explain how bonus miles are possible.

Another advantage to insure the box car insurance is the wide variety of brand name products which you can purchase and in turn, earn additional reward miles. The Shopping Box is visited by you right here online. For every 100 pounds spent, your account is credited with reward miles.

GPS Considerations

The telematics gps-enabled device is free of charge to install and can be done at work or your home in about 1hr. The device has no low battery alert capability, which is very similar to many other car insurance types. It does give online reports and incident alerts. In the event of a possible discount for good driving habits, a no claims discount is easily produced by making a request to insure the box.

Benefit on Comprehensive Cover

The telematics gps-enabled device has the ability to track a vehicle in the case of theft. This alone is attractive to many drivers who have chosen insure the box products. In case your car is stolen, the gps will quickly give the police the ability to track the signal and recover your stolen property. Although a deposit of 20% is required, monthly installment payments are available. The monthly installments make it convenient to make the car insurance a part of the monthly household budget. The annual percentage rate in the installment payments is just shy of 30%. A feature which is attractive to drivers who have their car serviced often or find themselves in frequent fender benders is the accessibility to a courtesy car. This is a major money saver when the time comes that you find yourself in a no-ride situation. The courtesy car can save you from having to totally change your already hectic schedule, and the hectic schedules of everyone around you. The insure the box plan also has windscreen cover included. In line with many other car insurance types is the personal accident cover you have in the plan. There is a 7,500 pound limit on personal accidents. Personal effects does have cover, although not that much. It has a ceiling of 150 pounds. In the event of an accident, medical expenses are covered up to 200 pounds as well. If you are ever traveling abroad and need car insurance at that time, the insure the box plan has comprehensive cover included. Third party cover is not restricted.

The firm which owns insure the box car insurance is Gibraltar Insurer. As far as electronic documents, they can be obtained simply by request. Sales of the insure the box car insurance products take place online with full telephone support. There is no question insure the box car insurance is a unique type of car insurance. A feature unique to insure the box car insurance is the method of rewarding bonus miles. For safe driving which is detected through the telematics device, 100 bonus miles are rewarded per month.

Optional Extras

Break down cover is available through insure the box car insurance. For those who never want to be stranded with no way home, the cost is 30 pounds per year. Legal cover is a necessity for many drivers in this day and age. It runs at 25 pounds per year. Key care can be added on for 23 pounds per year.

Policy Fees

Insure the box car insurance has advantages over other car insurance plans that might be important later in the policy term. A change of vehicle and midterm adjustments carry no charge. This is not true for several other car insurance plans. And there is no fee for removal of the telematics device at the request of the policy holder.

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