Black Box Car Insurance Can Thwart a Car Thief

black box car insuranceBlack box car insurance has many benefits for the driver that chooses this product. One of the most popular benefits is the savings. Even young drivers can save money with black box car insurance.

Besides the savings there are other added benefits and one less discussed benefit but just as important is the ability to track the insured driver’s car in the case of theft. The black box car insurance uses a GPS unit that is installed into the car’s dashboard. Due to the location of the black box it is not apparent that the car is equipped with the device. In the event of a theft situation the thief would be unaware the device was installed and that they were being tracked.

The car insurance provider can then work with officials to locate the car and most likely the person that stole the car. This is an added benefit of having black box car insurance. It is a side benefit and there is no extra charge of course to the driver for this tracking ability.

Many drivers wonder about the process of getting the GPS unit installed into the car and the process is quite simple. Once the driver purchases a policy the car insurance coverage can begin immediately. There is then a grace period in which to have the GPS unit installed. The device is installed by a professional and the appointment to have the device installed is coordinated by the car insurance provider. It is at this time that drivers are required to show the proper paperwork usually needed by a car insurance provider such as the driver’s license.

Once installed the device begins gathering data so that the driver can get savings due to their safe driving habits and can have their car safely watched against loss as the result of a thief. Black box car insurance is a truly unique car insurance product and should be considered by all drivers that want quality car insurance at an affordable price.


Russ Cottrell

About Russ Cottrell

Russ Cottrell has been researching and writing about car insurance internationally for over 5 years and has watched with keen interest the change to the car insurance industry by the black box car insurance product. He believes that there are many applications for the telematics based insurance that have yet to be explored and is especially delighted in the change the product is making in both premium costs and safety for young drivers across the globe.
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